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J.Jill is an American retailer headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts that specializes in womenswear. J.Jill was founded in the Berkshires, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, as a specialty store, by Karl Lipsky (1914—2009), in 1955, which he named for his wife, Jenifer, and daughter, Jill. Lipsky had previously founded Jenifer House, a catalog fashion retailer.

A former customer said this in a review "I'm a long-time J. Jill fan who actually used to work there. I agree 100% with what Liz M. said below. Not only is JJ's quality tanking while prices continue to rise, but I don't even like the designs and colors. I mean... cutout shoulders? Brown for summertime? Making everything sparkly and cheap-looking? Are they trying to imitate Chico's? Of the last 5 collections, the only one I liked was July's. I hope this changes before the company totally self-destructs."


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Former Employee - Graphic Designer says

"There was no creativity really and the little creativity you were able to implement was basically frowned upon. It was a very 'we've done this for 20 years why change' type of department. My role was picking colors from a color scheme that already existed and narrowing down photography. There were no graphics really involved. From the very beginning of my employment there I was job hunting. I also never understood why we didn't have laptops.... it made working remotely very difficult if not impossible."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low lay,poor leadership, they only care a bout making money.They wont even close DC for coronavirus. They brush off people working sick.I would never reccomend anyone work here."

Former Employee - Senior Director says

"A few selfish, self-centered senior executives manage to have extraordinary influence on the entire culture, establishing an environment of fear and uncertainty. People aren’t valued, but are viewed as numbers to be managed (number of staff, salary dollars, performance rating numbers tied to a ratings “curve,” number of positions to be eliminated in layoffs or put “on hold,” etc.)."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Leadership preaches collaboration but they don't truly mean it as there's little to no action."

Former Employee - Associate says

"Awful culture- you're micromanaged, harassed by management about your PTO, sick days, even going to the bathroom. Senior management and executive leadership are not held accountable on anything, they are unprofessional and unproductive and put all the blame on their subordinates. Current leadership is failing the company-( the stock price has gone down 80% the past year!) yet they keep laying people off and overworking everyone as a result. Employee morale is at an all-time low, and the culture is poor. They never let you work from home and expect you to stay late constantly. The company is failing because of its poor leadership. Current CEO is killing the brand and how it was once successful by manipulating the product and trying to change too much too fast- yet the board loses millions on her egotistical management style."

Former Employee - Sales Associate/Sales Floor Lead says

"Horribly outdated POS systems that made sales wrap take forever. Coupon codes never worked and had to be manually updated by associates (this process can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes). Non-compete or “insider trading” clause bars part-time employees from working at ANY OTHER WOMEN’S RETAIL STORE. Not just Talbot’s or Chico’s, but ANY WOMEN’S RETAILER. This is an impossible ask of part-time employees. Overly-flexible schedule. Had management calling me multiple times a week, on the day of shifts, asking me to change my schedule. Sometimes my shift was cancelled altogether. I would be asked to stay hours past my originally scheduled time because the store was incapable of proper staffing. I felt tricked into employment, the non-compete/insider trading clause was glossed over. It wasn’t until my manager found out that I was working part-time at another women’s clothing retailer that I was told that I was breaking some kind of agreement. This was not talked about in my interview. This kept me from finding other work, so I had to A) choose to stay working odd hours part-time at J. Jill, or B) find another job. Credit cards. Most stores have credit card accounts. But the process to sign up a customer was so lengthy and outdated that customers lost interest halfway through signing up. The store needs massive POS and technology upgrades. Systems need to be faster and they need to accept more modern forms of payments (iPay, Google Pay, etc.), among many other upgrades that I can’t even begin to think of."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor culture, bad (or non-existent) management, ancient technologies and practices."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I've never experienced working in a toxic environment until I came to JJill. There is no appreciation and the majority of managers in this specific department acted extremely entitled. You are just a number here - a lot of people are out for themselves and have no desire to listen to what you have to say. The only time I had a 1:1 with my manager was during my review. I would speak up in meetings and watch people look at me and intentionally ignore what I had to say. Working here will make you realize that you deserve better so no need to waste your time."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this place to anyone, management was a complete nightmare constant aggressive behavior from SM was something I had to deal with on a daily basis. Had made several attempts to contact HR but never gotten a response. Horrible company to work for don’t waste your time."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"This place is awful had a job interview here. I turned the job away. It was very comical how the HR manager was boasting about their facility. Definitely an over glorified sweat shop with low pay. Avoid at all costs."

Store Manager (Recruited from Talbots to run premium store) says

"This company was full of backstabbing women that were out for themselves. The district manager was a complete nightmare that created a sense of paranoid feelings of losing your job.. in conducive to a productive work environment.. when HR was made aware..it was ignored siding with the district manager. You lost me and many talented ones as well .."

Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"management are all BULLY'S, they get there kicks by lying and making up derogatory lies about people, and act like they are better then the hard workers, very negative higher ups, and very immature, terrible place, the company's values cater to different people meaning confused people, and leave all the good values in the trash can. and they are having a difficult time with retaining people, don't waste your time, sure to be out of business in the future, due to not retaining people due to bad management.look at my reviewlook at my review"

Associate (Current Employee) says

"I work the weekend shift, we do not get the kitchen staff to come cook for us like the weekday staff does. There's a lot of gossiping in the work place culture,and a few different groups or 'cliques' if you would. Management plays favorites a lot, turning blind eyes to certain people's behavior but coming down on other people for the same behavior. The packing machinery is constantly breaking down for long periods of time, leading to work backing up and added pressure on you to finish. This is a daily occurrence. There have been a few instances of work related injury restrictions not being followed because weekday management doesn't tell weekend management. Also getting compensation for a work related injury is a pain in the butt, and there is high chance of a repetitive use injury. If you try to report an injury, they will try to find anything to make it your fault so you can't get compensation. They always say if you have pain or the like to go to them to figure something out, but they don't actually want to hear it and rarely change anything if you do go to them. They will also promise to train people to do something new, then train someone completely different to do the thing, which makes it feel like there isn't room to grow. I was told that because I'm part time, they won't train me in more things, yet I was hoping to eventually go full time and grow with the company. Now I'm looking to leave. I've brought a few things to one of the managers attention and they've assured me they would look into it, then not, or been told right out that they won't do anything. Just about everything"

creative (Current Employee) says

"Toxic environment. People are highly underpaid. Long hours. Promotions are only for those who are liked by senior management and trust me when I say this, your promotion has NOTHING to do with your talent and skills. Management will tell you what you want to hear. Usually at least 2 people quit J.Jill per week. Unrealistic expectations. The company is not moving forward with the current technology and innovation. This place is stale, outdated and helpless. Be patient with a job search, but do not bother coming in here.weekends are great because you dont have to be hereeverything"

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"Worked there seasonally which is a joke because your treated like a second class citizen. Its made very clear that your "temporary" right down to the holidays when your excluded from everything. There are favorites there and its very much a "clique" environment with some of the "fulltime" workers talking about their personal problems and swearing loud enough so that when your on a call you have to apologize to the customer who made remarks about hearing someone drop F bombs. It was unbelievable...I left skidmarks getting out of there.NoneNone"

Call Center Associate (Former Employee) says

"They treat their employees badly. If a customer service rep they are constantly on you to offer a J. Jill credit card to customers calling in. They want you to basically harass a customer until the customer gives in and accepts one. If you take a form from the wrong section of the office you're spoken to. Their priorities are absolutely ridiculous and now I understand why they are constantly hiring. People get enough of it and go somewhere else."

Finance (Former Employee) says

"There were high expectations when starting at J.Jill in the Finance Department in Tilton, NH. The turnover in recent history has been extremely high (80 percent or higher), with either employees leaving or being “let-go” without notice and with flimsy excuses. The department has about 8 employees who actually perform the work (mostly temp help) in a department of double that number. The remainder are a social group who take extended lunches and just delegate work to others. Direct management is poor in that they rely on others (the social group) to report to them on the goings on around the department. So if you don’t participate in the social twitters and compliment the right people you might as well count your days because they will be short. You will be intentionally fed the wrong information and then accused of making errors, never mind you will be constantly overloaded with more and more work while others have time to sit in offices chatting. Be aware if you are salaried, in order to keep up with workload you will find yourself continually working excessive hours over 40 at the same salaried wage. I did not find this atmosphere professional at all. If you value your resume steer clear of this place.Benefits and Vacation TimeNo breaks, poor management, poor training, clicky"

Keyholder (Former Employee) says

"Quality of clothing is very poor. Overpriced clothing that does not hold up after washing. Poor management in longmeadow ma store. Pushy sales manager along with staff that is not knowledgeable of there product. Really disappointed with the overall appearance of the store and unfriendly staff. Don't bother wasting your time shopping jjill very overpriced clothing that is not made in america.NonePoor quality clothing not good employee discounts"

store manager (Former Employee) says

"Expectation is they want managers to work alone. Upper management has no clue how to run retail locations and its apparent because that's why they keep opening and closing locations. Consistent violation of state labor laws No training program for new store managers/assistant manager"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"JJILL serves the relaxed fashion free community client. Providing a color pallette, natural fabrics, and travel collection to express your personality. A work day is filled with operational knowledge, duties, and skills. Working at JJill provides a manager an opportunity to perform and to succeed in interpersonal skills such as time mangement ,communication, and leadership skills. Losing mangement structure can be the hardest part of the job performance. Where as the most enjoyable part of the job performance is going that extra need for great customer service.The development of that friendly and that loyal community client.Associate down time during the day."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I had a different person sitting next to me in customer service every week. They hire you quoting the maximum rate possible but don't speciffy that is only what you get if you meet sales and credit card quotas, so you make less than a living wage. None of the managers between shifts communicate well, time restrictions for breaks and lunches are STRICT, and there is barely enough time to make being away from the desk enjoyable. Call quality monitoring can be either relaxed or ridiculously strict depending on who monitors you. Almost a total lack of empathy from high-level managers. Most of the repeat customers are entitled and horrible to talk to, and treat you like dirt. Worst job I have ever had."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked at J. Jill so briefly because it was extremely competitive with no benefits/commission. If you didn't make enough sales your hours were cut and it was unfair since selling can be arbitrary. We were all selling similar amounts and people were being cut due to being last in line, sometimes just a few bucks less than the next person. Terrible company to work for, they don't care about their workers. I'd only work the holiday season since that is when there are enough hours and customers to go around for everyone but if I were you I'd quit come January."

Returns Associate (Current Employee) says

"Over all management I would rate very low. I felt like I was employed at a sweat shop, and would never ever work at this company in the future. This is my honest opinion.2 breaks and a lunchFar too many"

Associate Manager (Former Employee) says

"Employment at J.Jill allows for very little to no work life balance. Lunch breaks are discouraged, disrespect for others is accepted in meetings, and data systems are extremely outdated.never bounced a paycheckeverything else"

Web/Interactive Art Director (Former Employee) says

"Pros The company has potential for lots of growth in the future & near future. Most people seem generally happy with there jobs. Cons Poor or no sideways communication. Run extremely top down. It's never what's right for the brand, it's what the CEO wants. Corporate bonus is for management only, but feel free to work extra hours (salary only). Slow to adapt new technologies, they'd rather spend less on almost-outdated-systems, which just cost more in the long run. No corporate culture & the company lacks a soul. Senior management revolving door. Management is extremely miss aligned with each other and there lots of conflicting information with no clear direction. Direction from management is never black & white, but always conflicting. Advice to Management Share the successes with the people who actually do the work. Real incentives are needed motivate people and help move the company forward & become "a great place to work". Figure out what the J.Jill brand is & stick to it! The brand needs to come first. And the brand needs to understand that it's most important resource, it's soul, is it's people.New CEO, should help the cultureCurrent Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising & Creative Officer"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"At first J.Jill appears to embody the ideals of conservation, equality and global care- this however is far from the reality. They market their clothing as though it is eco-friendly, or sustainable and yet it really isn't. They declare they care about their employees wellbeing, and yet fail to step up when employees are being abused, or harassed. The regional managers use fear as a constant motivator, creating an atmosphere of extreme stress. I worked in retail for many years and never experienced such dispassionate treatment.The pay is goodThe environment is HIGH stress and fear filled."

Sales Associate P/T (Current Employee) says

"It is an experience to dress our customers. Making phone calls was fun to tell customers about the birthday specials. Not enough hours given. Too many managers at such a small store. Fun to change floor settings.Nice clothesToo expensive"

Distribution Associate (Current Employee) says

"I liked this job until the pandemic hit, and then they showed their true colors. The concern is for the money, not for the employees or they're well being. They tend to tell us one thing and then go and do something completely different or find a way to tell us we misunderstood and make us feel stupid while also being screwed over. I would not at all suggest working here unless you are desperate for a job.rate bonuspoor management, poor lack of communication, flip floppy rules"

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